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18 April 2009 @ 08:23 am
a smaller batch this time (at least it feels smaller). but i really liked working on these, especially ruki's solo photoshoot. it's one of my absolute favorites~!

アリス九號. [16]
ガゼット (ルキ、れいた、麗) [36]
ルキ (ガゼット) [30]
headers [with variations & sizes of 400x200]

ScReW (鋲) [2]
ルキ (ガゼット) [7]

fill me up with your griefCollapse )
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fucking kairos gave me a fucking headache with it being either too red or too green or too blue or too dark. bah. and i know you must've seen Ruki's FOOLS MATE I.S. #3 photoshoot, but i decided to do my own icons because i really liked the pictures and ruki is my favorite. ah, right, so this entire post is dedicated to the beautiful and amazing xxshujunnxx who i adore for putting up with all my shit. love you, bunny♥!

シド [13]
SCREW [27]
Big Bang & 2NE1 - LOLLIPOP [34]
Sushi [36]

yes sir, yes sir, three bags fullCollapse )
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08 April 2009 @ 04:26 am
icon love meme

i've been working on some icons during the end of spring break, so i'll be posting them up soon. but for now, please go and do the meme. it's nice to hear what you guys like about my icons. makes me want to make more. hehe. 8)
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